Kidnappers in Lagos Devise New Ways to Abduct Victims

ON Saturday, September 21 when Mrs Adebusola Odunaya got out of her home, it was with the desire for getting to Idumota where she had expected to buy a load of noodles and a few different things for her business. Yet, much to her dismay that the excursion that typically requires her a couple of hours would go to six days of misery in an obscure objective in the wilderness, along Lagos-Ibadan Turnpike. Say thanks to God she made due to portray her story.

Mrs Odunaya, Ladies head of the Reclaimed Christian Church of God, Foundation Area, Lagos, related how her process started on that day. As indicated by her, when she got to Ishaga region, there was no vehicle going to Idumota, so she chose to go to Agege, nevertheless there was no vehicle going to Idumota straightforwardly. She needed to board a Molue transport going to Oshodi where she had expected to get an immediate transport to her objective. As destiny would have it, a more modest danfo transport guide started calling Idumota, which made her rapidly land from the Molue, feeling that her process would be quicker with the immediate transport.

She anyway reviewed that they were just three ladies in the transport, including the driver when she boarded. When she went along with them, the ladies requested that the driver move so they can convey different travelers along. What’s more, as they were anticipating police supply that the driver should move, the guide went along and contacted her with a hanky and she passed out immediately, just to get up later in a bramble along Lagos-Ibadan Turnpike. She found that her hair been shaven and has likewise been confiscated of the N500,000 she planned to use for the acquisition of products in Idumota.

In the event that Odunaya’s story was nerve racking and stunning, Alhaji Alaka Kamaldeen’s story could be mistaken for a commonplace blockbuster Nollywood blood and gore film. As per the 46-year-old project worker, situated in Ikorodu, Lagos, he was remaining before his office on August 24, when an Audi vehicle with four travelers unexpectedly pulled near him, equipped with weapons. Furthermore, without saying a word they jumped on him, slapped him over and over prior to hauling him into the vehicle.

As per him, one of the men wore a tactical armor in the way of the police, which at first made him to believe that they were security agents. It was only after they got to Itokin intersection that he started to think that something was off-putting. Rather than making a beeline for the police headquarters, they strayed away from the street into the bramble. It then occurred to him that he had been abducted. He started to shout as they were moving toward the coastline, and as the vehicle attempted to speed by, it sank into the sand, making it challenging for them to move. Kamaldeen started to shout for help as individuals accumulated, however rather than that driving the abductors off; they started to shoot irregularly very high to scatter the group. They descended and pushed the vehicle and drove near a spring and started calling a contact for a boat. As they sat tight for the boat, Kamaldeen’s capturers descendend on him prior to soaking him with fuel, and they took steps to lynch him. Not long a short time later a speedboat showed up, even as the abductors eliminated the plate number of the vehicle.

As indicated by Kamaldeen, there were around ten 100-liter jerry jars, perhaps containing fuel for the eight hours venture that would take them to Warri, Delta State. He, described in all relevant information, how he was hijacked since he was not blindfolded. He let the press know how at spans, they experienced what resembled designated spots monitored by different ruffians in the streams. At every one of these designated spots, he noticed that the criminals would be approached to recognize themselves and the detainers would lift their hands accordingly.

While portraying his difficulty Kamaldeen gave a distinctive depiction of the camp. He said the camp was encircled by numerous cottages, with many individuals kept prisoner. In the most natural sounding way for him “I was brought before the top of the hijackers, who was wearing a suit, He was unamused when he found that I was neither a chief of industry nor a lawmaker however a customary resident. I was then taken to a part of the camp reasonable for my station throughout everyday life and spent the night on a bed made of logs and wood”, he said.

Kamaldeen, whose family was reached and requested to pay the payoff of N150million, was subsequently delivered after leaving behind N5million in the midst of supplications with the criminals.

In the mean time, the police as of late crushed a grab organization of eight, which incorporate a lady accepted to be liable for the passing of a money manager, Mr. Odidi Nweze in FESTAC. The magistrate of Police, Mr. Manko anyway said that the business as usual of the organization was to hijack their casualties and take them to FESTAC. He anyway communicated his anxiety over the quantity of casualties who had been taken to FESTAC.

As per him, capturing that had been kept in the new times had their casualties medicated and taken to FESTAC. Their head boss, Kelvin Emenike, who was tricked to Lagos by the Police in the misrepresentation of having a strategic plan for him, was quick to be captured.

Emenike gave striking subtleties of how they work, expressing that they generally go on bikes and trail individuals in garish vehicles and assault them. In the wake of hijacking them, they would call the family for recover.

Abducting is no longer information in Nigeria, but since of its business attitude in Nigeria, Lagos should be safeguarded. Both the bureaucratic and the state legislatures need to hold hands to battle this guiltiness, which is becoming viral, Niyi Adebisi, a lawful expert noted.

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